´╗┐Cut out in the shadows, approaching like a tree
Could I ever find the words to rewrite the story
With a perfect empathy

You never know what you give away, you never know what people take
Then someday as you walk away, changes will happen in your wake
From now on, there'll be some changes, some changes made

So far I've been tidying up, I've been just fighting entropy
Now I'm gonna build something up, something that looks a little like you
A shard of soul to fill a missing part

I want to be a mirror, I want to be opaque and I want to be me
With the brand new feelings of someone else's body
You got your pride, well I got mine too

Ain't it mesmerizing, this brand new clear horizon
New eyes bring new perspective
And if you want to play dead, and if you want to play dead
That's okay, I got my own personal sense of empathy

I got myself a brand new set of fingerprints
Unlike any other, a patchwork of identities
A doppelganger, a double doppelganger
That will lift off with its brand new self-confidence
And who will fade behind? Who will fade behind?