21st Century Schizoid Merman

A lifetime free-diving is enough to deal with
Without needing your faces to look down on it
Social skills ain't enough to make you worthy
Cause rats are social too
So what should I hurt myself so as not to hurt you

I got my own private refuge
It’s too deep for you

Friendship is so overrated
I saw what it always turns out to be
Tightrope, cracking ice and sheer toxicity
And love is but a mare’s nest,
False hopes for fake needs
That will keep you down, that will make you bleed

So now, I got my own private retreat
It’s deeper than this

And underwater there’s no rain
And underwater there’s no pain either,
And underwater there’s no flame
And underwater there’s no blame either
But underwater there’s no fame
But underwater there’s no shame either
Cause underwater there’s nothing
Cause underwater lies a peaceful world
Draft 11